This list includes some of my classes and performances worldwide. It does not include any private class/show.

Esta lista incluye algunas de mis clases y shows alrededor del mundo. No incluye ni clases ni shows privados.



PERU        "Origenes" International Workshops&Shows     Jan 17         Organized by Amar Holistic Center

                   Master classes and Shows by Rosa: 

   - Belly Dance Rhythms & Combos (1.5 hr)

   - Mejanse Technique & Choreography (1.5 hr)

                   - Artistic Development (1.5 hr)

                   - Melaya



PERU         "San Borja" Belly Dance Master Classes           Dec 15       Organized by Municipalidad San Borja

                    Master class by Rosa:

                    - Latin Spice Drum Solo








PERU          International Belly Dance Workshop             Dec 12        Organized by Amar Holistic Center

                    Master classes by Rosa:

                    - Sentimiento Baladi Technique & Choreo

                     - Latin Spice Drum Solo







Thanksgiving CBFIT.jpg

USA             Thanks Giving Fit Marathon                             Nov 24         Organized by Crazy Beautiful Inc  

                      Master Class by Rosa:

                      - Belly Fitness



Copy of Rosa 1.png

USA             Guest Master Classes                                     Nov 11        Organized by Crazy Beautiful Inc

Nov 18        Master Classes by Rosa:

Nov 25        - Belly Fitness










USA           Miami Bellydance Convention                         Aug 23       Organized by Nathalie Hatab

                   Master Class and Show by Rosa:

                   - Latin Spice Drum Solo





USA           New York Summer Showcase                           Jun 28         Organized by Broadway Dance Center

                   Show by Rosa and Kanushree:

                   - Bellydance meets Bollywood








USA             Windows of the World Festival                       Apr 12          Organized by TTU  

                      Shows by Rosa and her troupe:

                      - Isis Wings

                      - Drum solo 

                      - Afroperuvian Dance

                      - Drum Solo Improv with Peruvian Percussion





USA             Music Video Shooting in L.A.                           Feb 28          Private Organization

                     Choreography and Performance by Rosa:

                     - Bachata

                     - Cumbia

                     - Samba 

                     - Zumba 





USA            Belly Dance Master Class                                 Feb 26         Organized by Connect Fitness Studio

                    Master Classes by Rosa:

                    - Belly Dance Basic Essentials

                    - Belly Fitness



PERU           Guest Artist Master Class                               Jan 10          Organized by Amar Holistic Center

                    Master Class and Show by Rosa:

                    - Shimmylicious (3 hr)

                    - Baladi

                    - Fan Veils

                    - Drum Solo








USA           Raqs Retreat in Colorado                                   Nov 12       Organized by Sadie Marquardt

                   Shows by Rosa: 

                   - Group Khaliji Performance

                   - Live Band Improv to "Alf Leyla Wa Leyla"









USA            Weekly Belly Dance Classes                             Aug              Organized by TTU Fitness Center

Sept             Classes by Rosa:

Oct              - Belly Dance (Beginner Level)











USA             Miami Bellydance Convention                       Sept 1           Organized by Nathalie Hatab

                     Show by Rosa:

                     - Shaabi

                     - Dance Atop Darbuka



CHINA       Egypt Giant Star Festival in Beijing                 July 12         Organized by Beijing Bellydance Commission

                    Show by Rosa:

                    - Live Band Improvisation to Akdeb Alek




EGYPT       Ahlan Wa Sahlan International Festival             Jun 26         Organized by Mme Raqia Hassan

                   Show by Rosa:

                   - Live Band Improvisation Ya Ghayeb




SINGAPORE     World Bellydance Festival Competition     May 28               Organized by Bellydance Extraordinaire

                            Categories where Rosa competed:

                            - Oriental Professional (2nd Runner Up)

                            - Fusion Professional (2nd Runner Up)











USA            Windows of the World Festival                         Apr 20         Organized by TTU

                    Shows by Rosa and her troupe:

                    - Isis Wings

                    - Drum Solo

                    - Modern Oriental



USA           Miami Bellydance Convention Competition 2013

USA           Bellydancer of the Universe 2013

USA           Weekly Belly Dance Classes at TTU 2012-2013

SPAIN       Raks Madrid Closing Gala 2013

ITALY         Belly Dance Master Class and Show in Florence 2012

PERU         Raqs Peru Opening Gala 2013

PERU          Belly Fest 2010-2012